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Want to buy an Amethyst? A brilliant beauty stone, 100% natural with a beautiful deep purple or violet color, well cut and at an affordable price? Find without further delay our selection of the finest quality amethyst gemstones, to be discovered in faceted gems with or without inclusions and also in cabochons. 

Ultra-violet: Fashion, trendy color of the year 2018, the Amethyst gemstone

Meticulously selected Amethysts, polished by hand, some containing features such as mineral inclusions, a sure sign of their authenticity, others oscillating in a chromatic field ranging from purple, mauve, lilac, fuchsia including the very well-known "Pink Amethyst de France” to intense purple with a hint of blue “Siberian Amethysts”. The purple hue, which was historically that of royalty, which comes from a skilful mixture of red and blue, remains a double-edged color for the public: we like it or we don't like it! Ultra-Violet, which was voted trendy color and flagship color for spring-summer 2018 by Vanity Fair or Vogue magazine, remains very trendy these days, and this is also true for the jewelry sector. 

A special place in jewelry, esotericism and beliefs since antiquity

If you are jeweler, searching for beautiful sizes, precision cuts, stones with beautiful intensities of colors but also rare inclusions gems, the range that we propose will certainly not leave indifferent your creative genius, we are deeply convinced. The gem you choose will undoubtedly meet the requirements of your customers, whether it is set in silver or made of gold, it will become the centerpiece of your amethyst jewelry: pendant, ring, necklace, bracelet, necklace, earrings. Many symbols, properties, protective virtues and beliefs are related to Amethyst in the practice of lithotherapy, Reiki, disciplines and areas of well-being in all its forms (jewelry, geode ). It is a stone supposed to soothe the mind and promote meditation. A gift to make, a date to celebrate, an original personal creation in mind, we have the Amethyst for you!

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