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Moss opal

Are you a fan of Fire Opal? Do you like yellow, orange stones with inclusions? Are you looking for a unique stone unlike any other? Are you a lover of particular gems and are you looking for stones imbued with originality and certain aesthetic characteristics? You are a jeweler and you have found that Opals go wonderfully with your creations. Look no further, we have selected for you a wide choice of natural Dendritic Opals cut and in cabochons, with the most beautiful effect, which we are pleased to offer and which, without a doubt, will match all your expectations.

A common Opal not that common!

Opal, as we have been able to discuss previously, is a hydrated silicon dioxide which has the distinction of containing a fairly significant proportion of water in its composition (on average from 5 to 10%, see 20% for certain Opals municipalities). It is a mineral species called amorphous, having almost no crystal structure. Its etymology is however rather uncertain, said to come from Sanskrit "upala" or from the Greek "opallion", or even from the Latin "opalus" which would mean "gem and / or precious stone". As previously mentioned, there are two main sets within Opal: the so-called noble Opals and the so-called precious Opals which present a varied play of colors when the stone is set in motion. This characteristic, also called fires or iridescences, is not observable in the so-called common Opals, which do not have the characteristic play of colors. The color or colors of this type of Opal are fixed (immobile) and can be varied: colorless, white, purple, brown, blue, orange, yellow, pink, red etc.

Dendritic Opal (moss opal): miniature forests colonizing the mineral

The largest deposits in the world are Australia and Madagascar. Incidentally, it should be noted that this type of Opal was only discovered very recently in Madagascar (2008). All the Dendritic Opals we offer are natural and guaranteed without treatment. It is a stone which is nowadays sought after, because it appears in any good collection of enlightened amateurs and which now arouses interest in jewelry, because of its beautiful sunny color, the originality of the graphics which are unique to each. stone and because Opal is a stone that has become very fashionable. Beautiful specimens remain rare and are very popular, moreover, in faceted cut stone, because rough is often very opaque, largely fractured or of unsightly color. Depending on the source, it is a stone that can be treated with oil, wax or resins. In addition, let us remember that it is a soft stone which fears therefore: scratches, shocks, sudden temperature changes, variations in the humidity rate. She fears dehydration, because it is a gem that can be made up to 1/5 th of its weight in water. It is a stone intended for the collection, but also to set jewelry such as bracelet, earrings, medallion, brooch, pendant. If you want it as a ring, then you will really have to take care of it so that it lasts over time. If you want to know more about the maintenance of this type of Opal, you can consult our mini maintenance guide on Ethiopian Welo Opal which has characteristics quite similar to Dendritic Opal.

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