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Amethyst w/ inclusions

You want to buy Amethyst with carefully selected inclusions, natural stones, with a lot of personality, quality gems and at a reasonable price. Stones that have splendid arrangements of mineral inclusions producing original patterns that are even more astonishing? A desire for a collector, an idea for a dream jewelry, a present to make, an occasion to celebrate? Look no further, you've come to the right place!

Rare and still little known in jewelry: Amethyst stone with inclusions

Stones that contain inclusions are more and more popular as jewelry. Indeed, on the one hand they have a characteristic "fingerprint" of their own, on the other hand they are highly aesthetic and particularly surprising. Their unique dimension is a guarantee of certain authenticity and makes one recognize their stone at first glance among others. On the American market we find this type of Amethyst in ring, pendant, earrings, necklace, bracelet. They are more and more sought after by jewelers, both in faceted precious stones and in cabochons of very different shapes. They are the divine alliance of the purest quartz known as rock crystal and multitudes of types of solid, liquid inclusions with minerals such as Rutile, Chlorite, Hematite, Fluorite, Goethite, Lazulite, La Lasinerite, Diopside, Micas ... This subtle assemblage of mineral arrangements can represent unreal and supernatural paintings made of enigmatic, abstract, aquatic, spatial, mineral, vegetable landscapes ...

Avant-garde and contemporary jewelry: Amethyst inclusions ring, pendant, bracelet, necklace, earrings ...

Are you a jeweler, a jeweler, a designer? Amethysts with inclusions are fascinating gems, telling a story, will have no trouble surprising you and your customers and will fit perfectly into the enchanting world of your achievements. Perfectly combining with different precious metals such as gold and silver, it will sublimate the quality of all your projects and your frames. Do you have a jewel project of your own, a project that you have cherished for some time, but you have not found the stone that suits you? It is very likely that you will find your happiness among our amethysts with inclusions, which represent both a sure value among the purple stones with sapphire and Tanzanite, but also because the idea of ​​using gems still uncommon in jewelry , please, because you are avant-garde and somewhere ahead of fashion and future trends.

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