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Do you dream of owning an Ametrine? Do you like citrine stone and amethyst at the same time, or do you love your heart in between? Are you looking for quality, methodically selected natural stones at a competitive price? Do you want to offer a gem or have a personalized jewel made that looks like you? Are you a jeweler? Look no further, our most beautiful Ametrines from Brazil are made for you!

A natural “hybrid” produced by mother nature for the pleasure of our eyes

Yellow and purple, a unique association of colors, two extremely popular varieties of quartz, which offers us with panache a stone resolutely apart within the rare two-colored mineral species and / or varieties. L ‘Ametrine or also called Bolivianite is a fabulous gem which is half Amethyst and half Citrine, very endearing and of the most beautiful effect in jewelry. It is actively used in jewelry and comes mainly from Brazil and Bolivia. The most beautiful Ametrines are those with a well-marked transition zone between the two shades: Amethyst purple and La Citrine yellow. Professionals will look for stones with a pattern, which has placed this two-tone area most in the center of the cut gem.

Ametrine, a quartz very popular in jewelry among the greats of this world

It is said that the first Ametrine was brought back to Europe by a 17th century conquistador, who offered it to the Queen of Spain. It was not until the early 1980s that this stone was really available on the gemstone market. Certain stars or crowned heads, such as Queen Sophie of Spain, Princess Micihiko of Japan or Salma Hayek have greatly contributed to the popularity of this very special gem.

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