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Blue Apatite

Do you want to treat yourself to a blue Apatite? Is blue one of your favorite colors? Are you looking for a precious stone with a superb electric neon blue color that looks at first glance like the legendary and legendary Tourmaline Paraiba, the stone of the stars and greats of this world? A stone that will suit your personalized jewelry project, a stone that catches the eye as its subtle color seems unreal and rare. You're in luck, we offer a selection of natural, untinted, handpicked gems from the mines producing the most beautiful blue stones on the planet. No need to say more, the Apatite Paraiba you are looking for, we have it!

Apatite Bleue Paraiba, a sensational discovery

Among the colors most sought after and available at Apatite, we find the stones of green color which can be described in color "asparagus / leek" and the blue-green stones described in the color neon blue and / or Paraiba, in reference to the most beautiful and most sought after Tourmaline indicolite Paraiba from the eponymous region of Brazil, the stone of stars like Salma Hayek, Victoria Beckham, Pharell Williams, Jay Z, Rihana, Beyonce.

One day deceptive stone, forever deceptive stone

Apatite is a mineral species which derives its name from the Greek "apatao" or "apatan" which means to deceive or deceive. We have already mentioned this point in the case of green Apatite, this gem has since the dawn of time, this great faculty of mimicry with certain other gems well known to the general public, which makes that an average person could take it for Peridot, Tourmaline or Topaz. When at the end of the 1980s, deposits of Apatite of a new color, neon electric blue, were discovered in Madagascar and when, it is said, the most beautiful specimens resembled therein the finest quality Paraiba Tourmaline , then the trade name Apatite Paraiba naturally came to mind. Apatite Paraiba is indeed an excellent alternative to Tourmaline Paraiba at 20 or 50,000 $ per carat, what do you think? This type of Apatite is the most sought after and desired color on the world market. To date, its very high popularity means that the deposit has been very heavily exploited for 10 years, that the source has dried up and that there are practically no more stones, which has the consequence of causing prices to soar on the world market and as no other deposit has been discovered to date, this may not stop.

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