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Are you a fan of original jewelry? Do you have a gift idea in mind? Do you want to celebrate an occasion, a date, an event? You have a project for a ring, bracelet, pendant, medallion, but you do not know from which stone you wish to make the jewelry? Do you like stones with character, personality, "chameleon" stones that are not yet widely used as jewelry? Do you like fossils, opals? Why not choose a gem that would be a bit of both? Look no further, we present you the Ammolite stone

The third biogenic gem with pearl and amber

Ammonite is a stone from 145 million year old fossils of the Placenticeras genus that lived in the Upper Cretaceous. It presents a play of colors (diffraction) or light interference (iridescence) vaguely reminiscent of precious opal. It is extracted in Canada (province of Alberta) and in the United States. In order to obtain the precious material, we take the very thin surface layer corresponding to the shell of the fossils (from 0.5 to 0.8 mm). When it has a cracked appearance, it is called Ammolite “Dragon Skin”, or in the form of “stained glass windows”. As it is a fragile material and which in the raw state tends to crack, it is treated (reinforced) with epoxy resin in order to stabilize it. Due to its low thickness, this thin layer is often treated as a doublet and triplet for jewelry.

Ammolite, a new gem in jewelry and very popular in Japan, stone of prosperity in feng shui

Generally fashioned as a cabochon and mounted on gold jewelry with diamonds in accents, pendants, earrings, brooches but also in rings (doublet, triplet), this relatively “new” mineral species appeared for the first time on the global jewelry market in the late 1960s and on this occasion in very limited quantities. It was not until 1981 that it was recognized as a new mineral species in its own right by the CIBJO (Conféderation Internationale de Bijouterie). It was however well known to the Blackfeet Indians of Montana who used it as a talisman, remedy and protective stone and this since the dawn of time. (Re) discovered and enormously used by the great masters of feng shui in the 90s, it was given the name of "Stone of prosperity with 7 colors" for its very many numerous properties, the main one being to boost the flow of energy. : chi. Although it can present all the colors of the spectrum of nature, the most common colors in the Ammolite are red and green, the colors blue and purple are much rarer. In jewelry, it is an excellent setting stone that will easily win the place of the centerpiece of your creations. A gem with changing colors, brilliant, resolutely contemporary and each copy of which is unique.

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