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Green Apatite

Are you looking for a green gemstone? A collector's gem? Do you have a gift idea in mind or just want to treat yourself? Are you a jeweler and want to make jewelry such as a pendant, brooch, earrings and are you looking for a stone with a wide spectrum of colors and beautiful shine? Look no further, whether you are a jewelry professional, an enlightened collector or a lover of jewels, Apatite is a stone with many qualities, which we are pleased to make you (re) discover.

Green apatite, a usurping stone?

Apatite is a mineral species which derives its name from the Greek "apatao" or "apatan" which means to deceive or deceive. Indeed this gem with many crystalline forms and very varied colors can deceive the layman by posing as Peridot, Tourmaline or Topaz. Abundant in its massive opaque forms on all continents, it is rare in its transparent form which will be intended to be cut for jewelry or collection. The most productive deposits are: Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Pakistan, India, the United States, Tanzania, Namibia.

A stone of beautiful clarity unknown and presenting an interesting palette of colors

Scientifically speaking, apatite can be classified into three varieties: Chlorapatite due to its high chlorine content, Fluorapatite due to its fluorine content and Hydroxylapatite which contains Hydroxil (OH). We will focus on Fluorapatite which is by far the most available variety and the most commonly intended to be shaped into faceted stone. It is a gem that can have a cat eye effect when cut in the shape of a cabochon and also be star-shaped. Apatite is generally found in the following colors: green, beige, blue, yellow, pink, colorless, brown and purple. In yellow, blue, green, blue-green, bluish-green stones, it is common for them to undergo a slight heating in order to make their color more attractive. In jewelry, it is a stone for which we will favor the production of jewelry such as earrings, pendant, medallion, brooch. Indeed, due to its low hardness, realizations such as ring and bracelet should be prohibited because they represent too much risk of potential impact, which would risk permanently damaging your gem.

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