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Zambian Emerald

Do you like emeralds which are not uniformly green and which have this characteristic little touch of blue which differentiates them from their South American counterparts? Your taste is therefore more pronounced for African emeralds: Zambian, Ethiopian, Zimbabwean or Malagasy. It is certain that emeralds which are blue-green in color have a very special charm. On the one hand, they are clearly distinguished from the color of emeralds that can generally be observed but are in addition to stones of magnificent clarity. We invite you to discover the rising star of emeralds: the Zambian emerald, through a wide selection of specimens dedicated to jewelry or collection, but also stones sold individually or in economic lots and at price very competitive!

Zambian emerald, quality and extremely substantial deposits

The first Zambian emerald deposits have been mined around 20 years ago. Previously Zambia exploited almost only copper as a natural resource, it is one of the biggest suppliers in the world. A few other gems are also mined such as Amethyst, beryls and garnets. It was in the region known as the "copper belt province" that in 1928, Dick and Baker discovered the first beryls of Zambia. Explorations resumed in the region in the 1940s and then in the 1950s, notably by the international mining company Rio Tinto. During the 1960s, only one private company effectively exploited the region (s). In the 1970s, the Zambian state mapped and studied the Miku region and deposits discovered in the past for more than two years. Following the results of this vast study, the state immediately withdrew the mining rights it had entrusted to commercial enterprises and created a national public enterprise responsible for the management and extraction of emeralds. Thanks to the mapping of the region's mineral resources, other new deposits were discovered, confirming the exceptional commercial potential of the Zambian emerald. These flourishing discoveries led to an emerald fever that took over the country, causing rampant illegal exploitation. The Zambian state, anxious to preserve this precious resource, used great means by moving all the populations and villages of the area concerned, creating a reserved area (Rural Area of ​​Ndola Emerald Reserved Area), with access prohibited to people not empowered. In this area, companies of varying size, but duly authorized by the state, were able to coexist for a time to extract the precious material. In the 2000s, the extraction rights for the majority of deposits returned to the branch of a foreign multinational in which the Zambian state owns 25% of the shares. New deposits are still being discovered ...

An exponential growth, in the space of a little more than 20 years, 25% of the emeralds on the world market are Zambian!

The Zambian emerald does not have to be ashamed of its beauty which can match that of the most beautiful Colombian emeralds. Nor of its magnificent "success story" which has the place as a potential leader of the emerald on the world market (unless the deposits of Ethiopia prove to be even more productive, affair to follow). Unlike the South American emeralds, those from Zambia contain more iron in their composition, they notably have a higher refractive index and a higher hardness.

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