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Do you like quality yellow stones? However, there are not a lot of precious stones of this color! Are you looking for very clean stones, with great shine, the most beautiful effect and at an unbeatable price? Are you a jeweler, collector, lover of cut, faceted stones? Do you like to own, or offer through your creations stones little known to the general public and still little used? Do you want to include unusual stones in your collection? Idem, as a jeweler, you are looking to stand out from the competition by offering unique frames and creations that stand out, and you are looking for stones that are just as special? Look no further, we offer a wide selection of natural Orthoclase, from the best deposits in the world, meticulously selected for their high quality, clarity and intense yellow and greenish-yellow color.

Orthose is the French name for this gem, which is known internationally as the Orthoclase. It is a mineral species from the group of silicates and from the potassium feldspar family, which is very close to the Sanidine, indistinguishable by the naked eye. As such, there are examples halfway between Orthoclase and Sanidine. This mineral species was described by Johann Friedrich Breithaupt in 1823 under the name Orthoclase. Its etymology comes from the Greek "orthos" meaning "right", because of its ability to cleave according to two orthogonal planes. René Just Haüy coined the term Orthoclase, which is the adaptation of the name to the use of the French-speaking world. It is a mineral species with several varieties, some of which are well known to the general public, such as, among others, the real Moonstone, which is a colorless opalescent variety of Orthosis evoking the light blue color of moonlight. Orthoclase is usually yellow, champagne-colored, green, yellow-greenish, white or colorless. It is found in Madagascar, Burma, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Namibia, Bolivia, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, England, North America and Australia. Madagascar produces the finest qualities of transparent gemstones intended for jewelry and fine jewelry. It is the hardness standard stone 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Note that Orthoclase is a trimorphic mineral species with Kokchetavite and Microcline, trimorphic being the qualifier to designate a mineral substance which can produce crystals belonging to three different systems, or of the same system, but presenting such differences of angles, which cannot be removed from a fundamental form. It is a stone which will be of the most beautiful effect mounted in a ring, bracelet, medallion, brooch, pendant or earrings.

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