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Want to give yourself an Apatite? Faceted, in cabochon, green, blue? Stones that we have carefully selected, natural, appreciated in beautiful bright colors, in various shapes. Do you dream of a pendant with a lagoon blue stone, a pair of earrings with very shiny stones that will illuminate your face? You are a fellow jeweler or even a jeweler and you want to bring a little freshness into your original creations. It is a gem cherished by collectors and lovers of blue stones. If you are looking for stones with an immediate visual effect, a blue just wow? Look no further, we have the gems you need!

A gem with a wide variety of colors

The apatite stone can be colorless, white, yellow, green, blue, blue-violet to magenta, pink and sometimes starry or shimmering. the colors neon blue or neon green existing in the natural state, but are most of the time obtained by heating. It is a stone originating in the Czech Republic, Madagascar, Brazil, Canada, Russia, India, Spain, Norway, Mexico, but the transparent or translucent quality copies intended for jewelry are less common.

Apatite: cat's eye, cabochon, faceted gemstones

Apart from the fact that it is a gem of great clarity with a very wide range of colors, we find Apatites in jewelry quality in the form of faceted stones but also in cat eye or star cabochon.

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