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Do you love precious stones? Are blue stones among your favorites? Why not give yourself one of the most beautiful gems used in jewelry, a stone reminiscent of the ocean and its subtle shades of blue? A bestseller, a safe bet, a mineral species that has always been favored by the public and jewelers around the world and times and without ever going out of fashion. It is this story told by the sumptuous Aquamarines that we are pleased to offer you, the story of an authentic Sucess Story ...

Aquamarine: a classic in jewelry

Along with Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond, it is the most demanded gemstone in the jewelry market. Despite the fact that the Aquamarine and the Emerald are both part of the beryl group, they are two gems that look surprisingly dissimilar. The difference in colors being linked to their chemical compositions, Chromium and / or Vanadium in Emeralds and Iron in Aquamarines and colorless Beryls (Goshenite). The other notable difference between these two varieties of beryl is that the emerald is a stone frequently containing inclusions visible to the naked eye, whereas aquamarines are usually very transparent stones, of great clarity, the stones with clearly visible inclusions appearing as curiosities / rarities.

Variation on a theme: Aquamarine Santa Maria Africana

Apart from the traditionally known shades of blue: blue, blue-green, light blue, deposits were discovered in Brazil in 1954, producing intense dark blue aquamarines in the State of Minas Gerais and in the eponymous city of Santa Maria de Itabira. More recently as the epithet indicates, aquamarine Santa Maria deposits have been found in Africa, Madagascar, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria. The Santa Maria Africana aquamarine is a precious stone much sought after by aficionados and jewelers in search of rarity and originality. The samples extracted from the mines are small and those of intense blue color, are always of very small caliber, rarely exceeding 2 carats.

The six good reasons would have an aquamarine? *

It is a rather robust gem, it is well suited to everyday life and does not cause you any particular constraints as a jewel. * It is a precious stone whose tones blend very easily with all types of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and whatever the type of setting. * Its color is bright, it is a stone of great shine, excellent clarity and purity much sought after in jewelry. * The possibilities in jewelry are almost unlimited: aquamarine ring, gemstone in medallion, pendant, necklace, gems to be mounted on bracelet, earrings. * The aquamarine stone is both cut as a faceted stone and in a cabochon. * It is a stone that does not depreciate, the very beautiful aquamarines from certain origins tend to reach peaks in terms of price and the downward trend, is really not on the agenda, it is gradually becoming a so-called investment stone.

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