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Want an Opal? Have you always dreamed of this special gem? Do you like noble Opals with unique, not to say magical, color schemes? Fire Opals with flamboyant colors are synonymous with perpetual fire. Common Opals and their graphics, designs and colors are so special. Whether you are a collector keen on Opals or precious stones, a designer, a jeweler looking for unusual pieces to perfect the originality of the exceptional frames that you produce, a private individual who loves beautiful creations of mother nature, who Doesn't exclude having jewelry made from your cleverly gleaned finds here and there? Look no further, we offer a wide choice of Opals in all their forms, Ethiopian Opal, Fire Opal, Dendritic Opal (moss), Common Opal, meticulously selected for their intrinsic qualities: color, shape, graphics, games colors (lights), which we are pleased to offer you.

Precious opal, Common opal

Opal is a hydrated silicon dioxide which has the distinction of containing a significant proportion of water in its composition (on average from 5 to 10%, 20% in some common opals). It is a so-called amorphous gem, which has almost no crystal structure. Its etymology is quite uncertain, it would come from Sanskrit "upala" or from the Greek "opallion" or from the Latin "opalus" which would mean "precious stone". There are two main groups within Opal, the so-called noble or precious Opals which present a varied play of colors when the stone is in motion, also called lights or iridescence and the common opals which do not present this play of colors. The color of the Opal is fixed and can be of varied color: colorless, white, purple, brown, blue, orange, yellow, pink, red etc ... The Opals which arouse the greatest interest are therefore the noble Opals or say precious, which present color games on the entire surface of the stone. They come mainly from Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Honduras. They are highly valued and sought after. Common Opals are also sought after for their colors and patterns and come from Madagascar, Brazil, Peru, the USA, Slovakia. Opal is a relatively fragile stone because of its low hardness (5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale), but which despite this handicap is widely used in jewelry to make bracelet, ring, pendant, medallion, brooch, earrings. It is a stone that does not like thermal shocks or sudden variations in humidity levels, which can cause the (temporary) loss of its iridescence, cracks, or even fragmentation of the stone. So there are precautions to take with this type of stones. Feel free to read our articles on caring for Australian and Ethiopian Opals. It is a stone that is coveted and the subject of syntheses and imitations.

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