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Are you a fan of cabochon cut stones? Do you prefer soft, polished shapes with a sleek design? Are you an artisan-creator, do you work with vegetable and noble materials, macramé, leather, silver? You are a jeweler, you work with precious metals and naturally want unique stones to transcend the fabulous frames from the fruits of your imagination? The Jaspers present an infinite variety of shapes, patterns, graphics, colors, which are an inexhaustible source of imagination, creativity and mineral reveries. We offer a wide choice of natural Jaspers from all over the world, expertly cut, polished, respecting the patterns and characteristics of the gem, in order to obtain the most beautiful representation and sublimate its natural beauty. Jasper: the most ancient stone known to man Jasper is a variety of massive, opaque quartz (chalcedony) with infinitely fine grains. The patterns, designs, graphics and colors are extremely varied and correlate with the many other minerals, rocks, clays, oxides and other components subtly entering into its composition. It is one of the stones known to man since the dawn of time, as can be attested by its various ancestral names: in Hebrew "Yashpheh", in Persian "Iashm", in Greek "Iaspis". The color of Jaspers is defined by the impurities and inclusions entering into its chemical composition, generally in the form of oxides, such as manganese, which will give the colors pink and orange, the iron the colors red, brown, yellow, beige, brown clear, copper, blue and green colors, nickel and chrome, green. The extremely varied patterns in Jaspers can appear in the form of spots, peas, parallel bands, veins, rectilinear bands, points, circles, concentric oval figures, orbs, plant, animal landscape ...

Mineral with the highest number of trade names

It is the stone which, due to its very numerous forms, must undoubtedly have the most trade names in the world! None of its names has scientific value, strictly speaking, but they allow them to be classified, in order to designate specific types, provenances and to avoid wide confusion. Extracted from all the continents of the planet, the countries producing the most particular and endemic "varieties" are Madagascar, the United States and Australia. It is a stone generally cut in cabochon but also very often engraved, carved, used in decorative objects for millennia. It can be set on various jewels in precious metals, or on noble materials in bracelet, pendant, necklace, brooch, earrings, ring, brooch. Jaspers are the subject of treatments (dyeing etc.) but do not yet have synthetic equivalent. Always buy from a professional who clearly describes the treatments or no treatment for the stone.

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