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Petrified wood

Want to wear a fossil in jewelry? Are you not very attracted to fossil molluscs such as ammonites or corals? You are looking for a unique stone, with beautiful colors and a sober and interesting graphics at the same time. A stone steeped in history, as indestructible as the time that shaped it, or the cataclysms it experienced.

Petrified wood: 225 million years on the clock

In the Triassic, the separation of the continent and the creation of Laurasia and Gondwana resulted in the greatest extinction of living species in the history of evolution. The decimated trees will then undergo what is called a pseudomorphosis. This (surrogate) process is the phenomenon by which a mineral appears with the appearance of another mineral. By an infinitely slow process without chemical reaction, the original substance is gradually replaced by a different substance. In this case in our case, silica is gradually replacing, methodically, the wood fiber. In the infiltration waters, the sediments which are found emerged, begin to dissolve the soluble elements such as calcite, silica, pyrite, dragging them from the surface to a certain depth where they then begin to reprecipitate. . It is during their state of suspension, that they will then undergo new transformations and begin to recrystallize, become new minerals, or to redeposit. Of course, this type of transformation occurs only under very specific conditions of temperature and pressure.

A jewel, adorned with a page from our history

The designs are unique, depending on the polishing angle, aligned or not in the direction of the fibers, the cabochons made of petrified wood from Madagascar are fantastic. The colors resembling liquid flows frozen by time, like the mixed colors of the palette of a painter who would have dried. The fossilized tree always has a general chromatic unity from its pivot root to its apex, with a few exceptions. When you discover the cabochons of petrified wood presented on our shop, if you see them in different colors, it is that you are in the presence of distinct individuals! Holy relics of our planet, there are a few excuses, 225 million years ago! It’s much more than wood that you will have on hand, it’s sand, earth, oxygen, carbon, organic matter present at that time. It’s a bit like if nature had mummified (fossilized) one of its creations, which has since disappeared. This is a testimony, a perpetual traveling micro-museum, of which you will now be the guarantor. You can then carry with you a piece of this vanished world: on your finger on a ring, on your neck as a medallion or pendant… A tree is also a world, by the way, are we not talking about a tree of life ! This relic that you are about to possess was a tree that necessarily fed a world made up of living things, animals, plants, and the soil. How many living things have lived and trampled on this tree? How old this tree could have been, when the oldest araucarias are several thousand years old. You know almost everything! By purchasing a "simple" cabochon of petrified wood, which you can wear on your neck, or as a ring, bracelet or pendant, you also become the guardian of this whole story, which continues to go on.

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