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Do you want to buy an Amazonite? Do you dream of a beautiful green stone or even blue-green or blue? From a delicate stone to adorn earrings, bracelet, pendant, a talisman or for your personnal collection. 

Amazonite: A growing demand, a best seller in bracelet and jewelry of all kinds

You are a collector, a follower of precious stones and other gems that symbolize a certain idea of perfection ? You like bright colors, fancy sizes (sugar loaf shapes) or  more conventional shapes (pear, round, free forms) ? Stones that have character and that stand out from the crowd but remain unique and original, look no further you are in the right place, the stone amazonite is for you ! 

Beyond the field of jewelery: a gem of legends

Our carefully selected stones, 100% natural and not dyed, proudly reveal the multitude of colors and shades of amazonites from Madagascar. Each of the pieces proposed will correspond to not doubting all your expectations. Whether to decorate your future jewel, offer it to a loved one, make it a collection or for your personal pleasure, our amazonites will give you complete satisfaction. If you are a jeweler, you will discover in our range, some bluish pieces, interspersed with albite veins of beautiful dimensions and the most beautiful effect. A vast choice of cabochons, from almost translucent to opaque, bluish, green, turquoise blue. Stones finely polished by hand by the inhabitants of the country where they come from. Amazonite is a very popular stone in lithotherapy, reiki and the field of well-being. It is given many properties and virtues, stone also named in some esoteric practices: "stone of courage" or "stone of self-confidence" it enjoys a great reputation and is a stone for which the demand for stone of Jewelery quality is surging, a fashionable stone made for someone like you.

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