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Faceted Amethyst

Want to buy a high quality faceted Amethyst? An amazing, very shiny stone with a dark purple or light hue? A precious stone to be set on a jewel, which is distinguished by a resolutely fashionable color and little represented among the gems. A stone to collect, because its original beauty moves you? A gift to give, an occasion, an event to celebrate? An idea for a personalized jewelry project? Look no further, Amethyst is a gem for you and we have the stone of your desires.

According to Leonardo da Vinci: Amethyst, the stone that sharpens our intelligence and dispels our bad thoughts ...

Amethyst stone holds its color from fine particles of iron and aluminum present in its chemical composition. It is a gem used for ornamental purposes for more than 5000 years. Around 1750, the discovery of very high-quality Amethyst deposits in Siberia boosted the popularity of this precious stone. The Russian royal family Romanov being very fond of jewelry, encouraged the mining of amethyst in the Urals. It is thanks to Catherine II of Russia who was very fond of the Siberian Amethyst and widely promoted it in its time, that this stone became strictly speaking a classic in jewelry today.

Amethyst stone of legends

It is the most popular and sought after variety of quartz. Its color, which ranges from very light lilac violet to very dark bluish violet, passing through purple colors, exhibits its most beautiful color in daylight conditions. Stone of many legends, especially in Greek and Egyptian mythology. It is extracted from many deposits around the world: Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Canada, India, Argentina, Zambia, Myanmar, Russia, Mexico, Madagascar. Stone of the natives of February, it is believed to have many virtues and properties in lithotherapy, reiki and wellness disciplines. You are a therapist, jeweler, designer, creator, the Amethyst set on a gold, silver, vermeil jewel, or else mounted as a pendant, bracelet, necklace, medallion and talisman will always be of the most beautiful effect and will give this touch so precious to originality to your jewelry.

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