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Aquamarine inclusion

Are you a collector? A jewelry enthusiast dedicated to gemstone aficionados? An esthete in search of the precious? A jeweler, a fine connoisseur of beautiful pieces that can be found in a few rare copies on the planet? You have a unique and personalized jewelry idea that you would like to have made, but you have not yet found the central piece of your project, the icing on the cake of the jewelry of your dreams? Look no further, you have found, these large and fabulous Aquamarine Blue Beryls with inclusions from Madagascar are made for you!

Great quality Aquamarines with fabulous inclusions as a bonus!

Discovered in Madagascar in 2012, the Ambatofotsikely mine sporadically produced a few rare large transparent crystals containing inclusions of Ilmenite and Hematite, and this for a few years after its discovery.

A collectible gemstone from an exhausted deposit

For more than 5 years, radio silence, the aquamarine deposit with inclusions of this locality seems exhausted. As I write these lines, whether you are an individual or a professional, by acquiring an Aquamarine with inclusions, you automatically become a collector of exceptional precious stones, the holder of a gemological rarity, since this stone has not yet been found on the red island (Madagascar).

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