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Common opal

Are you looking for a common Opal? Do you prefer this type of opal to the so-called noble or precious ones which are favored by the public? Are you looking for a stone with a solid color or with mixtures of colors, designs, graphics with inclusions and / or dendrites? You swear only by the cabochons which are forms more in agreement with your tastes and your aesthetic affinities? You are a creator or a jeweler and you are looking for stones with purified forms, easy to set and to assemble, stones with well marked DNA, which makes that the copy which caused a crush on your part, will be recognizable among a thousand apparently similar stones! Look no further, we offer a very wide choice of Common Opals from Madagascar and elsewhere, all meticulously selected in order to offer you the best, some pieces from deposits just discovered ... Follow the guide!

Opal: a stone that has always unleashed passions

As we have already indicated previously, the common opal does not benefit from the ability to produce a color scheme also called iridescence or lights. It can be monochrome or polychrome and present, unlike the noble Opal, graphics, drawings, patterns that are fixed. The cause of this immobility is its chemical composition, with no light diffraction effect. Indeed, common Opals do not have an arrangement of nanospherules of ordered and regular silica and diameter, similar to its counterpart the precious Opal. The colors are very varied: Colorless, white, orange, red, pink, green, blue, yellow, purple, multicolored ... They can contain many inclusions of iron oxides or micro-crystallizations of rock crystal etc ... They are usually opaque or translucent. These are stones which have known great variations in popularity through the eras, in turn adulated, then hated according to legends, rumors and beliefs. In any case, they have always aroused interest and have been talked about all the time. We will come back to this fact in the section dedicated to precious Opals.

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