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Want a garnet? Garnet is a precious stone that has always fascinated you? Are garnet jewels among your favorites? You are a jeweler who appreciates the wide variety of colors offered by garnets: red, pink, yellow, green, purple, orange ... You appreciate the brilliance and the great purity of this gem, its availability, its own authenticity. Do you like to collect them, perhaps you have an idea of ​​a jewel in mind, a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, a necklace, a medallion? We offer a wide choice of garnets: Almandine, Color change, Demantoid, Hessonite, Rhodolite, Spessartite, Topazolite, Malaya, in various shapes and origins. We are sure we have the garnet you are looking for!

The Garnet is a gem used since time immemorial, which experienced a particular boom after the fall of the Roman Empire. The barbarian jewelers were inspired by the Byzantine style and modernized it by adding their know-how and their techniques, like that of the cloisonne for example. Reduced to powder, it served as an abrasive to polish and roughen Quartz, Agates, Jaspers and ivory or bone at a lower cost. It was therefore the benchmark abrasive at that time. The family of garnets includes a large number of varieties, divided into two large series. On one side we have the so-called aluminous garnets, also called Pyralspites which includes the Pyrope, Almandin and Spessartite varieties and all the intermediate forms between the aforementioned varieties. Then we have the series of so-called calcium garnets, also called Ugrandites, which includes Uvarovite, Grossulaire and Andradite as well as the intermediate forms between these varieties.

An increasingly coveted gem

As a gemstone, garnets have always been very popular. In its red form, it is a stone that has always been sought after through the ages. It is a gem that has a very wide variety of colors, as we were able to specify it previously: red, orange, yellow, black, green, beige, purple, brown, colorless… It can also be color change or iridescent, shimmering or starry. Note the virtual absence of the blue color in this mineral family, there is only one occurrence of blue garnet (Blue garnet from Bekily, Madagascar). It is a stone which is generally cut in faceted stones, but also in cabochons and mounted in a ring, medallion, earring, bracelet, pendant. Used alone, the denomination Grenat designates the Pyrope-Almandin variety. The red, orange and green varieties are the most popular and sought after. The black color variety "Melanite" (variety of Garnet Andradite) was used for making mourning jewelry. Discover without further delay, our wide range of Garnets varieties, in various colors and shapes and at competitive prices.

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