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Are you looking for a stone that has been used since time immemorial as a jewel? You like the discreet side of chalcedonies which present beautiful shades of subtle colors. You already have in your head your jewelry project, do you only miss the stone that will proudly take pride of place? Would you like a stone that would be so unique in your eyes that you would recognize it among a thousand others of the same species? Whether you are a collector, a lover of the beautiful mineralogical curiosities of our planet or a jeweler looking for a stone that will inspire a jewel, look no further, we have the chalcedony you need. Behind this designation, are grouped all the quartz which are said translucent polycrystalline typically with fine grains. There are many varieties with a wide variety of colors and graphics such as La Sardoine, Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx, Prase (Chrysoprase), Agate and Chalcedony. It is a pseudomorphic stone that is to say that it can replace another mineral and take its shape but also replace organic matter such as wood, coral, shells, bones ...

Chalcedony: A classic in jewelry since antiquity

It is a stone known since antiquity. It has always been very successful and has gone through the ages, fashioned into decorative objects and jewelry. Engraved, sculpted, polished, set with a ring, amulet, bracelet, cameo, pendant, medallion, ring. Blue, yellow, gray, brown, white, pink, red, black, purple, orange, green, it is a stone that will offer the collector as much as the jeweler a wide range of colors.

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