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Want to acquire a Beryl? Admit it there is something to be tempted is not it? The popularity of beryls is no longer to be demonstrated through the ages, it is a very popular group in jewelry which alone contains: Emerald, Aquamarine, Heliodorus, Morganite, which are part most popular gemstones. We offer quality gems, 100% natural, selected for their color, shine, clarity. Precious stones of great purity, meticulously polished with care, which will sublimate your jewel, subjugate the person to whom you intend it, concretize a project, engagement, wedding, event? Are you looking for originality, quality, choice, competitive prices? We certainly have the beryls of your dreams!

Jewelers favorite gemstone beryl

Along with Emerald, Morganite, Aquamarine, among others, this mineral group is one of the most important and most used in jewelry and this for many good reasons. Indeed apart from its qualities of hardness, color, shine, clarity, it always produces high quality jewelry. Set as a pendant, medallion or ring, bracelet, necklace, beryls are a sure bet, it is also for this reason that they are jewels that we pass on to loved ones from generation to generation. To summarize and simplify, the following beryls are the most commonly encountered in jewelry:

Green beryl (with chromium): Emerald

Green Beryl (without chromium): Beryl Vanadium

Golden beryl: Heliodore

Pink Beryl: Morganite

Blue beryl: Aquamarine

Colorless beryl (white): Goshenite

Colors, purity, size, beryl and its varieties, a precious gem for all tastes and budgets

Although beryls are relatively abundant in opaque quality, transparent stones intended for jewelry are rare. Drawing its color from its impurities of chromium, vanadium, iron or manganese, the different varieties of beryl offer a very substantial range of colors available to the jeweler: from yellow to red, passing through green, blue, pink and colorless without counting all the other nuances that some of these colors can present. Noce de Beryl, anniversary stone symbolizing the 23 rd year of union, as reported in the women's journal in 2019, traditionally in France, it is still very common for spouses to have jewelry made of beryl in anticipation of the celebration of this event.

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