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Colombian Emeralds

Do you dream of owning the most coveted Emerald? Do you have a project for a custom-made piece of jewelry, topped with a legendary gemstone, from the country that produces the most beautiful emeralds in the world? You are a jeweler, designer and you are looking for a beautiful stone certified by an American gemological laboratory, in order to perfect or sublimate one of your creations or to meet the requirements of your customers. You are a collector keen on precious stones and judge only by the most precious and rare among them. Look no further, we have beautiful Colombian Emeralds, 100% natural and sold with their gemological identification certificate.

Since the 16th century and the discovery of the Emerald mines in Colombia by the Spanish, this gem has been the object of all lusts. The Chivor and Muzo Emerald mines have been in operation since 1545 and 159 respectively. The esmeraldiferous sites are located on the eastern and western slopes of the Andean Cordillera 200 km from the capital, Bogota. Colombia is the world's largest producer of Emeralds, alone and depending on the year, supplies 50 to 60% of world production.

Colombian emerald: stones of immaculate purity that can have the beauty of the devil

The natives have exploited the deposits for probably more than a millennium. The first mine "exploited" by the Spaniards was that of Chivor in 1537, which is a deposit remained unexplored nearly 500 years after its discovery by the West! However, and this is unfortunately not an open secret for anyone, almost all of the first Emeralds arrived in the West, were all stained with the blood of the indigenous populations who plundered, enslaved, murdered and died by the thousands in purely abominable conditions. There is a great tendency to speak of the gold stolen by the colonizers in the new world, but the Emerald, being rare and precious, caused among the colonizers, a kind of "hemorrhagic green fever" certainly as bloody and barbarous as that aroused by the precious metal. When Pope Clement X was informed of the atrocities and the conditions under which they were committed, he urged King Charles II of Spain to close the mine permanently. In 1675, the mine was sealed and gradually disappearing under the vegetation, was gradually forgotten.

Closed, definitively sealed by order of the Pope, then forgotten for 220 years…

In 1896, the Chivor mine was found, perhaps by accident, during a hunting trip by villagers. It was again exploited artisanally and sporadically. In the 20th century, production improved and an industry began to take shape. Unfortunately when this mine was rediscovered, when it was opened, the "Emerald virus", and in particular its darkest side, was dug up and released again. A kind of virus responsible for bloodthirsty follies, whose existence we had wanted to voluntarily forget more than two centuries ago. In the 1980s, unrest broke out in the department of Boyaca for the control of deposits by the heads of local cartels. Nicknamed "the Green War or War of the Emerald", it will officially cause more than 3,500 deaths (unofficially 10,000 dead) in the region where the famous Muzo mine is located.

Professionalization and securing of the running industry

After many years of anarchic exploitation, based on a remuneration of miners based essentially on the consensual flight of Emeralds, the sector has gradually structured and miners now benefit from employment contracts and wages. The Colombian government has made a lot of efforts to trace Emeralds extracted from national soil. An association of Emerald exporters has emerged (Acodes), a generic brand project "Mothergem" (mother of stones) has been devised in order to bring together the various players in the sector. In addition, the mine facilities have been considerably modernized, the extraction methods have evolved, the dynamite which caused fractures in stones is no longer used. In 2015, the first international symposium on the Colombian Emerald took place in Bogota, attended by nearly 400 participants. We can only strongly encourage and note the efforts of the government and stakeholders in the sector to modernize, professionalize and secure it. The image of the Colombian Emerald, synonymous with war, drugs, trafficking and the sulphurous reputation that accompanies it, seems to be gradually fading and we can only encourage all steps in this direction. The peculiarity of Colombian Emeralds comes from the fact that they form in sedimentary soil. The tectonic movements that created the Andes are behind the formation of Emeralds in Colombia. They are pure green stones with traces of blue. It is a vein that was formed 40 to 65 million years ago, which is relatively young compared to the Emerald deposits of Brazil, which for example, are between 600 million and two billion years. The gem is often associated with quartz, pyrite, calcite, albite among others.

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