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Do you dream of a stone that could arouse your fascination? A gem set on the jewel of your choice that would shine brightly? A stone as rare as you are, something unusual, rather reserved for initiates, connoisseurs, those who go beyond appearances sometimes deceptive ... This precious stone looks like you in the end, why you wouldn't adopt it ?

Who is behind the Chrysoberyl gemstone?

A somewhat mysterious stone, a stone that one could say with three facets including one, the most sparkling: the Alexandrite became a mythical and legendary stone. Because behind the chrysoberyl hides these three very distinct varieties that cannot be confused. We have the stone in its gem state, that is to say transparent with or without color (yellow, green, beige, brown, green, blue, golden, orange) and without optical effect, originating in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, India and Tanzania. Then we have the chrysoberyl cat's eye, also called Cymophane, which is a cat's eye with a very marked effect, of the most beautiful effect. Please note, the pieces are always small and come from rare sources (Sri Lanka, Madagascar, etc.). Finally, we have the legendary tsar stone dedicated to the Emperor Alexander of Russia: Alexandrite, which produces a dramatic color change from green in daylight to red in incandescent light.

Chrysoberyl stone for luxury fine jewelry

It is a gemstone of very high shine which has the advantage of being very resistant to shocks. It can therefore be easily set on frames, mounted on a ring, pendant, medallion, bracelet, on platinum, gold. It is a coveted, sought-after stone, pieces reaching 5 carats and more are extremely rare and can reach price peaks, this type of stone being intended exclusively for luxury fine jewelry and well-informed collectors / investors .

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