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Do you want to buy yourself a beautiful Citrine, a stone with a rich lemon yellow color, which would shine like the most beautiful rays of the sun? No doubt you will be even more attracted by the rare Madeira Citrines with their sumptuous and delicate bright orange color. Do you dream of a piece of jewelry designed by you, for yourself, that would meet all of your design expectations, magnificently topped with a fabulous citrine of the color and shape you want? Look no further, you've come to the right place. We present a very varied range in terms of colors, but also of cutting types ranging from conventional shapes to so-called precision sizes. You are a quartz collector or a lover of beautiful and large very colorful stones, an authentic mineral lover, or you have the idea of ​​offering this stone to someone dear to you and for whom you wish to make a present that will surprise and amaze? Follow us for a very pleasant little visit to the world of Citrines

A stone much appreciated since the dawn of time

Citrine is one of the most popular and affordable gems (gemstones). Its name comes from the word "lemon" (from the Latin citrus) because of its citrus color. It is a macro-crystalline variety of the quartz group which is the most abundant mineral on the earth's crust (60%). Natural Citrines exist in different colors and shades, in particular pale yellow, but also in golden and orange colors. The yellow or golden color of this sunny gem has earned it use since Antiquity and from the origin of jewelry.

Citrine, a timeless stone in jewelry

Citrine is one of the yellow stones most used in jewelry. This yellow color comes from the presence of minute amounts of iron oxides in the mineral (hematite and goethite). Citrines with intense colors such as the so-called Madeira Citrines, or even Imperial Citrines are the most sought after and therefore appear among the most expensive. Natural Citrines are quite rare. Thus, the vast majority of Citrines offered on the market are Amethysts, smoky quartz that have been heated. Amethysts treated are usually treated at temperatures ranging between 350 and 550 ° C on average. The natural Citrine deposits are few and the most productive are located in Brazil and Madagascar. We find in Zambia as well as in Tanzania the Citrine of lemon yellow tint, very popular for its bright color, while we find darker stones in Bolivia, in particular known to produce the most beautiful Ametrines of the market (two-colored stone, natural combination Amethyst and Citrine).

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