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Color change garnet

Dream of a "chameleon" gemstone? Do you want a gem that, depending on the lighting, could have two colors rather than just one? Fancy a rare and highly sought after stone? Are you a collector and are you passionate about mineralogical particularities? Are you a jeweler, a creator and want a mineral species that stands out strongly from the stones that can usually be found in jewelry and that would be like your original and unique creations? Look no further, the Garnet color change is for you! You will find on our site a wide choice of natural color changing garnets, available in different shapes and qualities, no doubt you will find the stone you are looking for.

The color changing garnet is a rare and precious garnet from the Pyralspites series, which is a series made up of the Pyrope Garnet, the Almandine Garnet and the Spessartite Garnet. This color-changing Garnet hybrid is predominantly composed of Pyrope Garnet, Spessartite Garnet and impurities of chromium and / or vanadium.

Physical and optical properties of Garnet color change

Color-changing garnets are found in the form of small pebbles (alluviums), grainy aggregates and crystals. Under natural daylight conditions, its color can be blue-green, green, blue (rare), green-gray, brown, beige. It is a mineral species in which we very often find minerals in inclusions, such as Rutile and Apatite to name a few. Large gem-quality stones that appear clean to the naked eye are extremely rare. Color-changing garnet is a stone that is not subject to any treatment or improvement of any kind, which is a good point for buyers. In the color changing garnets of the Pyralspites series, the coloring is generally due to manganese (Mn2 +) in the case of orange-colored stones and to iron (Fe2 +) in the case of red to pink stones. The color change, meanwhile, occurs when the gem contains vanadium (V3 +) or chromium (Cr3 +).

Cause of color change

The Garnet color changer has the ability to change color depending on the type of light source. The intensity of the color change phenomenon can be truly spectacular, much more than the change that can be observed among the majority of Alexandrians. Most of the color-changing garnets therefore present, under normal conditions of daylight observation, as we indicated above, the following colors: blue-green, green, blue (rare), green-gray, brown , beige, bronze. And can become, when viewed in incandescent light: pink, pink-orange to red, yellow-greenish, red-pink, light red, purple red, blood red, bluish green, light purple. The majority of color-changing garnets come mainly from Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The color-changing garnet, commercially called Grenat Malaya or Grenat Malaia, has only been discovered to date in Africa and Madagascar (Bekily).

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