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Demantoid garnet

Are you looking for an extremely rare and highly coveted gemstone? A green gem with lights and a shine reminiscent of the Green Diamond? Do you have in mind a jewel set with a precious stone of green color which will sublimate a magnificent setting that you imagined alone, or in the company of your favorite jeweler? Are you a jeweler looking for a stone with a dispersion much higher than that of diamonds? A gem that will brilliantly combine the following qualities: shine, transparency, intensity of color? This gem we have is the Demantoid Garnet!

The trade name "Demantoid" comes from the Greek "adamas" and the old German "demant" meaning Diamond and this because of its very high dispersion and its great shine reminiscent of those of the Diamond. It is the green variety of Andradite (Ugrandite series) dominated by chromium impurities over those of iron. It is an actively sought Garnet because of its great rarity and its great value. It is mainly intended for luxury jewelry and jewelry, because quality pieces exceeding the carat are very rare and those exceeding the 2 carat almost impossible to find and trading briskly at several tens of thousands of euros.

Known only from one deposit in the world for nearly a century and a half!

Discovered in 1853, it is a precious Garnet that was only known from one source. It took 143 years for a new deposit to be discovered more than 10,000 km from the first and in Africa (Namibia 1996). The stones from the deposit discovered in the Urals (Siberia) are undoubtedly the most coveted because they are of particularly bright colors and generally very clean. Scientifically speaking, the Demantoid Garnet is always of green tone, oscillating from the very bright green color, green-brown to green yellow. The stones appearing clearly more yellow, dark yellow, golden, are classified in Garnet Topazolite. It is a stone which frequently contains inclusions (Diopside, Antigorite…), but also fibers of Byssolite / Chrysotile, which in certain cases, produce a desired esthetic effect, which one names in English “horsetails inclusions” (inclusions in a ponytail) and which can characterize stones from Russia. It has long been thought that the fibers of Chrysotiles (which are tiny Chromite crystals that can be contained in lunar rocks, as well as many meteorites) were the characteristic proving the Russian origin of the stones, except that turns out to be wrong because of the Iranian and Italian samples showed this type of inclusions. On the other hand, no sample of Demantoid Garnet from Namibia or Madagascar containing it has been discovered to date. The most productive deposits are located in Namibia (Erongo) and Madagascar. We also find this gem much sought after in Italy, Iran, Kashmir, Pakistan and Russia. Possible confusion with Peridot (yellow-green) and Emerald (dark green).

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