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Fire opal

Are you dreaming of an orange gemstone? An almost red orange gem, incandescent, flamboyant, burning? A stone with superb clarity, very clean, shiny, luminous as desired? Are you a jeweler, a collector or do you like jewelry? This gem, the object of all your desires, is a very rare precious stone and you know it very well, because you are looking for something exclusive or even unreal, rarely seen! And you see, because orange is the rarest color in the mineral world! Indeed, mother nature has so far endowed this color with only three precious stones: the Spessartite Garnet, the Orange Sapphire and the Fire Opal! We offer a very wide range of rare and coveted Madagascar Fire Opals, a choice of stones, either in cut stones or in cabochons, which you will not find anywhere else. Join us to discover Opals with sacred fire.

Fire Opal: Very coveted in its finest quality but very scarce available

The Fire Opal is a rare and sought-after form of Opal, the most productive deposits of which are in order of importance: Mexico, the United States and finally the little pig that goes up, which goes up: Madagascar (we will come back to this further). It is a precious stone which can be orange, red or yellow in color. The finest quality stones are always very shiny, clean to the naked eye and have the most beautiful effect.

A great stone!

Although Lacroix in 1922 lists the Opal from different parts of the Island and in particular to Faratsiho in the center, it took almost a century for a new deposit of Opals to be discovered in the South-East of Madagascar , including beautiful Fire Opals. The Bemia deposit indeed produces superb lemon yellow, cream yellow, orange, orange, orange-red pieces that can compete with the most beautiful Mexican Fire Opals. It should be noted that Mexican Fire Opals, historically believed to be the most beautiful representatives of the genre, are the subject of an ever-increasing demand, far exceeding demand, which means that today, prices have reached real highs.

Mexican vs Malagasy fire opal

The Malagasy Fire Opals in their best quality, are worth in all respects their Mexican counterparts, but being still little known and relatively recent on the world market, they have not yet achieved the success they fully deserve. It is not to be excluded that a world-renowned jeweler will become particularly interested in Malagasy production and contribute to its popularity through dedicated collections. In any case, for the time being, some sellers would sell stone of Malagasy origin for Mexican and would make big profits, because no distinction with the naked eye can be made between them. We offer a very wide choice of magnificent fire Opals cut in cabochons, from Madagascar, expertly sorted, selected in order to offer you the best of what can be produced in Madagascar.

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