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Hessonite garnet

Are you looking for a stone with a subtle color, a color that is between yellow, orange yellow, orange and brown? To be exact, as you know exactly what you are looking for, you want a cinnamon / honey colored stone, that's all! You are a collector, jeweler, creator and you love or are looking for original varieties of Garnets. We offer a very wide range of varieties of natural garnets, in shapes, colors and various qualities, including the famous Hessonite Garnet known as "Cinnamon Stone" or "Cinnamon Garnet".

Hessonite garnet, cinnamon stone

This Garnet is a variety of Grossulaire which is found in the form of grainy aggregates, crystals and small alluvial pebbles. It is mainly cut in the form of cabochons and faceted stones for jewelry. Its name from the Greek hesson (smaller) comes from the fact that it has a lower density and hardness than many other garnets. It is a Garnet which contains a high proportion of iron impurities and the more this is pronounced, the more the stone will be brown in appearance. Conversely, the less the stone will contain, the more the stone will be yellow and the more it will be valued. The majority of the stones are orange, cinnamon, syrupy, honey-colored. Smaller stones generally have more clarity than large pieces. This variety has long been confused with Zircon. Nowadays it can also be confused with the Spessartite Garnet. It is named "Gomedh" in India and occupies an important place in Vedic astrology, because it is supposed to be the greatest remedy to neutralize the effects of Rahu, demon of the eclipse in Hinduism. This demon causes eclipses by sometimes taking the moon, sometimes the sun in his mouth. It is the equivalent of the ascending node of the Moon, it represents the planet Pluto. The stones generally contain very small inclusions which can give the stones a fairly characteristic oily appearance. Mainly from Mali, Tanzania, Madagascar, Australia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Zambia ...

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