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Quartz Rutile

Do you like Inclusive Quartz? Quartz with rutile inclusions or Quartz "angel hair" or "hair of Venus"? A colorless, transparent Quartz that sparkles with a thousand lights with its golden / reddish inclusions which give it an extreme shine. Are you a collector, jeweler, or simply an aficionado looking for unique pieces? The Quartz with inclusions by Rutile, whether in cabochons or in faceted stones for the jewelry or the collection, are splendid pieces, unique and always of the most beautiful effect. Yellow, golden, orange, the adjustments are always very aesthetic, and make these stones, gems in great demand and always very coveted by the public.

Rutile is a mineral species composed of titanium dioxide with traces of iron, tantalum, nobium, chromium vanadium and tin. Its etymology comes from the Latin "rutilus" meaning reddish. Its color is red, dark red, yellow, dark yellow, reddish brown, black brown to practically black. Its luster is adamantine, fatty, submetallic. Its genesis is pegmatite, metamorphic, alluvial and magmatic. It is found in the form of crystals, often striped prisms, needles and also in the form of grainy aggregate. When they are found in the form of inclusions, the inclusions then take place in transparent or translucent Quartz, also called Rock crystal or Hyaline quartz. It is in this type of Quartz that their beauty will be most highlighted. The most beautiful specimens generally come from Brazil or Madagascar, but they are also found from many provenances.

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