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Are you looking for a rarity among rarities? An extremely coveted investment stone, intended for large collections and luxury jewelry. A depleted gemstone from a single deposit on the planet? You are a top collector, an outstanding jeweler wishing to offer only the best of the best on your original creations. No longer look for the stone so coveted as you are looking for we have it, it is Pezzottaïte.

For some, attached to the Beryls (but trigonal in nature, while the Beryls have a hexagonal crystal lattice), this pink-purple colored gemstone is a mineral species in its own right, recognized as such by the International Mineralogical Association in 2003 and which was discovered in 2002 in the Fianarantsoa region of Madagascar. It is one of the stones with the highest cesium content, 15% of its composition. It may also contain a smaller proportion of lithium, rubidium, sodium and potassium. Its hardness is 8 on the Mohs scale. It is dedicated to Federico Pezzotta, curator of the Civic Museum of Milan, who is behind his identification. The latter estimated that the pocket containing this mineral contained in its entirety only a dozen kilos of raw samples, the vast majority of which were totally unfit for use in jewelry. Indeed, the Pezzottaïtes that can be faceted were always very small and strongly included. Some specimens cut in cabochons with a cat eye effect. Nowadays the deposit is completely exhausted, no new pocket containing gem quality stones usable in jewelry has been found It is an extremely rare stone, very sought after and highly coveted, which nowadays represents a stone of 'investment. The few stones that are offered for sale on the world market reach peaks in terms of price, about 1900 dollars per carat for faceted stones up to 3 carats, and nearly 3000 dollars per carat, for those reaching up to 5 carats!

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