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Want to give yourself a Goshenite? A 100% natural, quality stone, meticulously chosen and rarely offered in these dimensions. Our high purity gems have superb transparency and excellent cut. They will ideally suit your exceptional jewelry ideas and will be the piece missing from your collection! A present to offer, an occasion to celebrate, a creation "yours" in mind, we have the Goshenite for you! Each of the gems that we offer, has this particularity, this notion of innate crystalline perfection. Whether you decide to set it on a white gold ring, on a bracelet, on a medallion or on any other piece of jewelry, it will undoubtedly meet the wishes of your customers.

The purest of all beryls

Stone of great clarity, which can be shimmering or with asterism, it is the purest variety of beryls, described in 1844 in the United States (Massachusetts, Goshen). It has since been found in Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Pakistan, etc. It is a colorless to white gem that contains little or no impurities such as chromium, vanadium, iron or manganese which are responsible for coloring in other colored beryls: Morganite, Emerald, Aquamarine, Golden Beryl / Heliodorus… The most known deposits of Goshenite are located in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Namibia ... This stone will both satisfy the jeweler looking for a stone for an insider's jewelry, as the gem collector who would like to complete his collection of faceted cut beryl. Buying from us means buying with the guarantee of having an authentic Goshenite.

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