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Quartz with lazulite

Do you like both colorless and blue stones? Do you mainly like rare stones from mythical or even exhausted deposits? You are a jeweler looking for highly coveted precious stones with very low availability on the world market. Gems as rare as the frames and the jewelry you make, synonymous with your expertise, and which brilliantly convey your brand image, beyond the years, eras and trends. Timeless creations, as much as the gems overhanging them, bringing the final touch, true signature of your work of goldsmith. Lazulite Quartz is a stone that will perfectly suit all the advantages listed above, and as you are lucky, GemPro is one of the rare companies in the world to offer you such a choice, for a stone so coveted, sought after, and whose demand far exceeds supply.

This extremely rare gem is from Madagascar, the deposits are to date exhausted, the pieces we offer are the last available pieces. It is a translucent to transparent stone, which is characterized by magnificent inclusions of Lazulite of blue to blue-gray color, which vaguely recall certain white treats sprinkled with menthol crystals. Lazulite is a hydrated phosphate of magnesium and aluminum which has the particularity to present a strong pleochroism, indeed the blue crystals become colorless, according to the angle of view using a polarizing filter. the original deposit was found at Mahaiza in the Betafo district, central Madagascar. Recently, a study carried out on samples of this stone, made it possible to discover a new mineral: La Lasnierite, which was described in 2019.

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