GEMPRO / EFIMEX E.I.R.L is a French company led by Clément Duret. The company is based in the south of Reunion Island (French Overseas Department) and is 900 km away, an hour and a half minute flight from the capital of Madagascar.

This geographical proximity allows us great possibilities of supply and a strong reactivity as for new deposits which would be discovered on the spot. Trading in minerals and fossils from the Madagascar Island for almost a decade, I have been able to successfully export via the Internet to almost every country in the world. Since I have always gone directly to collect materials on the spot, I was able to acquire a solid knowledge of the minerals and fossils of Madagascar in all their forms (raw, polished, cut). Over time, I gradually became interested in rare gems and other precious stones intended for jewelry, quality jewelry and collection, to devote myself to this field by patiently and meticulously building up a nice stock of quality stones in from the Red Island and other parts of the world.

At the end of 2017, I decided to specialize exclusively in the field of precious stones and it was then that I imagined the creation of the website. A bilingual (English / French) online sales site with an international focus where you can find quality stones, selected and which would be offered for sale at the best value for money. All the gems that we offer for sale on the site are guaranteed to be 100% natural (unless otherwise indicated) and are offered to you on a short circuit. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your research and requests for gemstones that would not appear on our website.



As we have been a professional gemstone trader for almost a decade, we have been exporting and selling successfully worldwide on the internet since 2012. 


As we have collected minerals directly from Madagascar for almost 10 years, we have a solid knowledge and experience of the country, the regulations, the gemstones reported, their characteristics, their quality,as well as the knowledge of the inhabitants, their habits, traditions...


Each product offered for sale on our site benefits from a detailed sheet gathering all the characteristics of the product: stone clarity, dimensions in millimeters, weight in carat, origin, color, cutting style, number of pieces, names , treatments.


We do not use any photo illustration ! We photograph each article individually. All our items are in stock, available and guaranteed.


We disclose on each article sheet all the treatments that could have been applied to the stone.


We guarantee attractive prices on gemstones for equal quality on the market, or even the lowest prices on some gems offered.


Our shipments are usually made within 24 hours (48 hours in tight periods) excluding weekends and public holidays, discreetly folded, properly protected and addressed by priority shipment and/or recommended. All shipments are insured, and in case of proven loss of shipment a refund will be offered.

8. SATISFIED OR REFUNDED (FULL 30-day money-back guarantee)

You have a period of 30 days* to proceed to an exchange or a refund (only for international, see terms and conditions of sale for more precisions)


Our website/store is made with the latest electronical technologies and offers a great navigation experience and ease of use in compliance with current international standards. All payment and credit card information is managed on a secure page (SSL) and managed by Crédit Agricole Bank or PayPal. We do not have any access to your credit card or financial information and no personally identifiable information is stored on our website. We do not sell or otherwise transfer any personal information or any other data about you.


You can at your convenience, contact us at any time via:

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Phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, Phone: + (262) 06 92 03 33 01 What's App : (+ (262) 06 92 03 33 01)